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0003919Kali Linux[All Projects] Tool Upgradepublic2017-03-12 05:172017-03-14 12:52
Assigned Tosbrun 
OS Version 
Product Version2016.2 
Target VersionFixed in Version2017.1 
Summary0003919: Freeradius-WPE
DescriptionFreeradius has released a new version: 3.0.13. It needs to be patched with the freeradius-wpe patch from https://github.com/aircrack-ng/aircrack-ng/tree/master/patches/wpe/freeradius-wpe
Steps To Reproduce1. Download Freeradius-WPE 3.0.13
2. Apply patch from Aircrack-ng
Additional InformationThe current patch applies just fine on 3.0.13 (and didn't need any update). And it was tested and still works fine.
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2017-03-14 12:52   
new version 3.0.13-0kali1 is now in kali-rolling

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