2018-04-27 04:37 UTC

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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  0000448    New Tool Requestsminorassigned (dookie)2018-01-29Mallory
  00034001   New Tool Requestsminornew2018-01-29Prowl - Linkedin Recon
  000184131 New Tool Requestsminornew2018-01-29Nsoq - Network Tool Suggestion
  00003721   New Tool Requestsminornew2018-01-29PenQ - The Security Testing Browser Bundle
  00016964   Tool Upgrademinorresolved (sbrun)2018-01-29Update radare2 to 0.9.9
  00022571   New Tool Requestsminornew2018-01-29xxxpwn : Advanced XPath Injection Tool
  00035491   New Tool Requestsfeaturenew2018-01-29getsploits - fast exploit searcher by many parameters
  00011791   New Tool Requestsminornew2018-01-29DepDep v1.0
  0004502    New Tool Requestsminorassigned (sbrun)2018-01-26DataSploit - An #OSINT Framework to perform various recon techniques on Companies, People, Phone Number, Bitcoin Addresses, etc
  00043473   Kali Package Improvementfeaturenew2018-01-26Add monitor mode patched driver for TpLink TL-WN722N-v2 with Realtek 8188 chipset.
  00010671   New Tool Requestsminorassigned (dookie)2018-01-26Drozer
  00040612   General Bugminorassigned (sbrun)2018-01-26airmon-ng cannot be used monitor mode by connecting to wifi!
  00034821   Kali Websites & Docstweakresolved (g0tmi1k)2018-01-26Forensic Tools: Volatility: HAS link (https://code.google.com/archive/p/volatility) should be (https://github.com/volatilityfoun
  00034831   Kali Websites & Docstweakresolved (g0tmi1k)2018-01-26Forensics Tools: RegRipper HAS link (https://code.google.com/archive/p/regripper/) should be (https://github.com/keydet89/RegRip
  00034841   Kali Websites & Docstweakresolved (g0tmi1k)2018-01-26Sniffing & Spoofing: xspy HAS like () should be (https://github.com/mnp/xspy/blob/master/xspy.c)
  00034812   Kali Websites & Docstweakresolved (g0tmi1k)2018-01-26Forensic Tools: Cuckoo: HAS link (http://www.cuckoosandbox.org/) should be (https://github.com/cuckoosandbox) tools.kali.org
  00034852   Kali Websites & Docstweakresolved (g0tmi1k)2018-01-26Sniffing Tool: zaproxy HAS link (https://code.google.com/archive/p/zaproxy/) should be (https://github.com/zaproxy/zaproxy)
  00035003   Kali Websites & Docsminorresolved (g0tmi1k)2018-01-26Change Lynis homepage
  00031441   Kali Package Bugminorresolved (sbrun)2018-01-26ntopng for architecture arm64
  000448751 General Bugcrashresolved (threeway)2018-01-25Bootable image for Samsung Chromebook ARM 13" XE503C32 does not boot - kernel panic
  00044991   New Tool Requestsminorresolved (g0tmi1k)2018-01-25Add ExploitDB-Bin-Sploit (Binary Exploits)
  00044981   New Tool Requestsminorresolved (g0tmi1k)2018-01-25Add ExploitDB-Papers
  00044692   Kali Package Bugminorresolved (sbrun)2018-01-25Remove skype4py once osrfamework no longer needs it
  000444951 General Bugminornew2018-01-24torbrowser-launcher --settings fails to install en_US version on non-english system
  0004496    Kali Websites & Docsminornew2018-01-24sucuri web firewall too restrictive with tracebacks/shell output
  000436941 General Bugminornew2018-01-24Kernel bug: cifs mount in /etc/fstab causes kernel to crash during boot.
  00044651   General Bugminornew2018-01-23Touchpad Not Detected on Lenovo Ideapad 320
  000445941 General Bugmajorresolved2018-01-23nm-applet segfaults when conneting to a VPN provider
  000448911 General Bugfeaturenew2018-01-21airmong-ng wlan0 Start
  00044841   Tool Upgrademinorresolved (sbrun)2018-01-18Update dbeaver to 4.3.2
  00044836   General Bugmajorresolved (rhertzog)2018-01-17Kernel Panic when Upgrading to 4.14 (2017.3) on VirtualBox 5.2.4
  00044793   Kali Package Bugfeatureassigned (rhertzog)2018-01-17Virtual box will not function on Kali 2017.3
  00044673   Kali Package Bugmajorresolved (sbrun)2018-01-15Metasploit not starting
  00044643   General Bugminorresolved (rhertzog)2018-01-15update to linux-image-4.14.0-kali3 breaks dkms-bbswitch and nvidia-legacy-340xx
  00044811   Kali Package Bugmajorresolved (rhertzog)2018-01-15mini.iso netboot installer fails with "Loading libc6-udeb failed for unknown reasons. Aborting"
  000447611 Kali Package Bugmajorresolved2018-01-15linux-headers package missing for i386 (it's there for amd64)
  0004468    Kali Package Bugminorassigned (sbrun)2018-01-11Remove pygtksourceview once cherrytree has been ported to something else
  000445431 Kali Package Bugminorresolved (sbrun)2018-01-11sparta fails to start because of qt4
  00044632   General Bugmajorresolved (sbrun)2018-01-11mitmproxy does not start
  00040212   General Bugtextresolved2018-01-11Phyton
  000400741 Kali Package Bugminorassigned (sbrun)2018-01-10keimpx and other applications reliant on the impacket library not working
  00044601   Tool Upgrademinorresolved (sbrun)2018-01-09realtek-rtl88xxau-dkms needs upgrade
  00044444   General Bugminornew2018-01-08Ralink RT5572 Wireless Adapter - no wireless access
  00043771   Kali Package Improvementminorassigned (sbrun)2018-01-08future of ssldump and sslsniff
  000444623 General Bugminornew2018-01-08Realtek Wifi Driver not Connecting
  00043591   Tool Upgrademinorresolved (dookie)2018-01-01Update seclists Package to Latest Checkout
  00044511   General Bugmajornew2017-12-30alfa awus 1900 not working on kernel 4.14
  000444711 General Bugblocknew2017-12-29Interface big scale in every Qt applications
  00043742   Kali Package Improvementtweakassigned (sbrun)2017-12-27Please update the metasploit-framework package to track the 4.x branch
  00044451   Kali Package Bugminornew2017-12-27nmap 7.60 quits scanning when using decoys, and uses not required traceroute