Released 2017-09-21
Second Kali release in 2017.
More release information:
0004221: [General Bug] Bare desktop without menu after installing kali-lxde (rhertzog)
0004239: [Kali Package Bug] kali-live: LXDE - many problems with X, language environment, boot (rhertzog)
0004139: [Kali Package Bug] Faraday doesn't start because of couchdb (sbrun)
0004035: [New Tool Requests] Add BruteSpray v1.5.1 - Automatically attempts default creds on found services. (sbrun)
0001759: [New Tool Requests] Add Tinfoleak v2 - Get intelligenge from Twitter (sbrun)
0001247: [New Tool Requests] Add Jsp File Browser v1.2 - JSP web shell (sbrun)
0003139: [Kali Package Bug] spice-vdagent not sharing clipboard or resizing desktop (rhertzog)
0004159: [General Bug] Screen resizing no longer works after recent package upgrade (rhertzog)
0004198: [Kali Package Bug] driver v5.1.5 ready for rtl88xxau-dkms to fix crash (sbrun)
0004201: [Kali Package Improvement] Update Usage Examples of Responder (dookie)
0004200: [Tool Upgrade] Update DNSChef to 0.3 and Fix Usage Example (dookie)
0004194: [Kali Package Improvement] Update patator usage example (dookie)
0004162: [General Bug] Suddenly my gnome-terminal got a bug that shows a sill around the terminal (rhertzog)
0004195: [Kali Package Improvement] Update rsmangler usage examples (dookie)
0004193: [Kali Package Improvement] Update usage example of padbuster (dookie)
0004171: [Kali Package Improvement] The thcping6 shortcut is broken (sbrun)
0004188: [Kali Package Improvement] Update fimap usage examples (dookie)
0004187: [Kali Package Improvement] Update usage examples for dirb (dookie)
0003989: [Tool Upgrade] Update realtek-rtl88xxau-dkms driver to v5.1.5 branch (sbrun)
0002396: [Kali Websites & Docs] needs to be updated with new instructions for building a custom live iso (muts)
0004175: [Kali Package Improvement] Update virtualbox to 5.1.26
0004157: [Kali Package Bug] No interface for external usb wireless adapter TP-Link AC 1300 V2 Archer T4U (sbrun)
0004180: [Kali Package Improvement] Update usage example of apache-users (dookie)
0004179: [Kali Package Improvement] Update usage examples for UAtester (dookie)
0004178: [Kali Package Improvement] Update usage examples for clusterd (dookie)
0004177: [Kali Package Improvement] Update usage examples for SIPp (dookie)
0004176: [Kali Package Improvement] Update usage examples for sctpscan (dookie)
0004174: [Kali Package Improvement] Update smtp-user-enum usage examples (dookie)
0004173: [Kali Package Improvement] Update SMBMap usage output (dookie)
0004170: [Kali Package Improvement] Update the usage output for Fierce (dookie)
0004073: [Tool Upgrade] JD-GUI 1.4.0 is Available (sbrun)
0004168: [Tool Upgrade] Update dnsenum to (dookie)
0004155: [Tool Upgrade] Update edb-debugger to 0.9.21 (sbrun)
0004119: [Kali Package Bug] Duplicate SBD.exe File (Windows-Binary & SBD) (sbrun)
0004121: [Tool Upgrade] burpsuite version 1.7.25 available (sbrun)
0004137: [Kali Package Bug] hostapd-wpe 2.6+git20170713-0kali1 fails to install due to obsolete openssl gendh command (sbrun)
0004107: [Tool Upgrade] WPScan 2.9.3 released (sbrun)
0004051: [Tool Upgrade] original wifite finally updated ! (sbrun)
0002176: [New Tool Requests] DBeaver v3.2.0 - Free Universal Database Manager (sbrun)
0002985: [New Tool Requests] Crowbar (Levye) - Brute forcing tool for pentests (sbrun)
0002574: [New Tool Requests] CrackMapExec v3.1.5 (sbrun)
0003246: [New Tool Requests] changeme v0.2.3 (sbrun)
0003596: [New Tool Requests] New tool - BloodHound v1.3 (sbrun)
0001097: [New Tool Requests] b374k 3.2.3 - PHP web shell (sbrun)
0003508: [New Tool Requests] Add (Automated Penetration Toolkit) ATP2 (sbrun)
0003134: [Kali Package Improvement] GNOME QuickLaunch Bar - Metasploit-Framework & Armitage Icons - Auto start postgresql (sbrun)
0004015: [Tool Upgrade] Missing watobo icon (sbrun)
0004027: [General Bug] Bug in the look screen. (sbrun)
0004074: [Tool Upgrade] Nmap 7.50 Released (sbrun)
0003505: [New Tool Requests] Add Secure Socket Funneling v2.1.0 (sbrun)
0001952: [Tool Upgrade] Update Hyperion v1.2 (sbrun)
0002708: [New Tool Requests] wgetpaste - simple command-line interface to various online pastebin services (sbrun)
0003506: [New Tool Requests] Add ssh-audit (sbrun)
0001005: [New Tool Requests] (sbrun)
0003935: [New Tool Requests] smbserver (Part of impacket collection) (sbrun)
0003703: [New Tool Requests] New tool phishery - An SSL Enabled Basic Auth Credential Harvester with a Word Document Template URL Injector (sbrun)
0004048: [Kali Package Bug] Kali won't upgrade because of Dradis
0004049: [Kali Package Bug] BDFProxy crashes (requires mitmproxy 0.11 - 0.17, but requirement cannot be installed) (sbrun)
0004039: [Kali Package Improvement] metasploit-framework - Remove msfupdate (sbrun)
0002467: [New Tool Requests] hURL - hexadecimal & URL encoder + decoder (sbrun)
0004014: [Tool Upgrade] WATOBO 1.0.0 released (sbrun)
0004161: [Kali Package Bug] Kali crases and freezes after installing realtek-rtl88xxau-dkms (rhertzog)
0004199: [Kali Package Bug] gnome-terminal cannot launch in current weeklies (2017-W35) due to bad locale? (rhertzog)
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