0005884: [General Bug] After upgrade (rhertzog)
0005887: [General Bug] Wifi Naming Issue (rhertzog)
0005885: [General Bug] Wifi adapter issue after update (rhertzog)
0005868: [Tool Upgrade] Switch wifite2 to kimocoder fork (more up to date) (sbrun)
0005036: [Queued Tool Addition] Bytecode Viewer - Six different Java decompilers, two Bytecode editors, a Java compiler,plugins, searching, supports loading fro (sbrun)
0005836: [Kali Package Bug] python-pcapy file conflict with python3-pcapy (sbrun)
0005838: [General Bug] Creating a Bootable Kali USB Drive on Windows with Rufus ends with grub> bash (Gamb1t)
0005840: [General Bug] Xfce does not group the default Xfce menu categories under 'Usual applications' (rhertzog)
0005817: [Kali Package Bug] bash-wrapper needs addition of "eval" before the rest of the command (rhertzog)
0005560: [Queued Tool Addition] WIG: Wi-Fi Information Gathering (sbrun)
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Released 2019-11-26
More information can be found here: https://www.kali.org/news/kali-linux-2019-4-release/
0005237: [General Bug] Enable Mediatek MT76* modules for wireless adapters (rhertzog)
0005796: [General Bug] Applications menu crashes (rhertzog)
0005701: [Kali Package Bug] kali-linux-default metapackage still depends on deprecated python-scapy. (rhertzog)
0005674: [General Bug] Installing fuse results in a configuration error in its post-install script (rhertzog)
0005668: [Kali Package Bug] logrotate is not being started (rhertzog)
0005591: [General Bug] mdk4 won't deauth using blacklist -b option (sbrun)
0005332: [Kali Package Improvement] Add ticketer (Part of impacket) (sbrun)
0005659: [Kali Package Bug] ZAP 2.8.0 fails to start for some installs (rhertzog)
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Released 1970-01-01
kali-dev is an always evolving distribution based on Debian Testing. It will regularly break.
0002366: [Tool Upgrade] Update gnome-shell extensions in kali-dev (sbrun)
0004258: [Tool Upgrade] Please update DBeaver to 4.2.1 (dookie)
0004169: [Tool Upgrade] Update dnsrecon to 0.8.10 (dookie)
0003145: [Kali Package Bug] Test build iso and installation are ok when Firefox will replace iceweasel (sbrun)
0003018: [Kali Package Bug] Kali 2.0 x64 upgrade to Kali-Rolling fail (sbrun)
0002967: [Kali Package Bug] commix 0.3b-0kali1 - ascii banner (sbrun)
0002815: [Feature Requests] Update gnome-shell's favorite application list to include the terminal and the browser (sbrun)
0002804: [General Bug] Postgresql wont start on an installed system due to missing self signed certs
0002478: [Tool Upgrade] Please package set 6.5.4 (or newer) (sbrun)
0002481: [Tool Upgrade] Please update python-faraday to version 1.0.13 (sbrun)
0002482: [Tool Upgrade] Please update sslscan to version 1.10.6-rbsec (sbrun)
0002504: [General Bug] FS Read-Only on oDroid and Raspi2 with kali 2.0 (steev)
0002517: [Kali Package Improvement] Add WPScan to Kali 2.0 Applications menu (muts)
0002405: [Tool Upgrade] Please update zaproxy (sbrun)
0002378: [Tool Upgrade] Please update proxystrike to version 2.2 in sana/kali-dev (sbrun)
0002330: [New Tool Requests] Please package workspaces-to-dock (GNOME Shell Extension) (sbrun)
0002286: [Feature Requests] Switch to linux 4.0.x in kali-rolling (sbrun)
0002300: [General Bug] Fix gdm/gnome-shell asking for username twice (sbrun)
0002293: [General Bug] Package gnome-theme-kali (sbrun)
0002280: [New Tool Requests] Package GNOME Shell extension "Refresh wifi connections" (sbrun)
0002283: [New Tool Requests] Please package conky-manager 2.0 (sbrun)
0002178: [Kali Package Bug] webshag-gui is broken in kali-rolling (sbrun)
0002180: [Kali Package Improvement] Changes to be made to the kali-meta Package (sbrun)
0002159: [General Bug] Metasploit fails to start on an installed system of kali-rolling
0002158: [General Bug] Postgresql wont start on an installed system due to missing self signed certs
0002161: [General Bug] The installer shortcut under System Tools has the wrong text
0002160: [Kali Package Bug] SQLmap Errors out on kali-rolling (sbrun)
0002150: [Feature Requests] Update gnome-shell's favorite application list to include the terminal and the browser (sbrun)
0002130: [Kali Package Bug] GNOME screensaver screen shows a Debian picture instead of a Kali one (sbrun)
0002141: [General Bug] Update adwaita/metacity-theme-3.xml in kali-defaults (sbrun)
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