Released 2017-11-21
Third Kali release in 2017.
More release information:
0004269: [New Tool Requests] CherryTree - A hierarchical note taking application (sbrun)
0004097: [Kali Package Bug] Drivers iwlwifi-7265D-26.ucode and others not found during installation process
0004352: [Kali Package Improvement] Metasploit wordlists are marked executable (sbrun)
0004095: [Kali Package Bug] Openvas 9 shceudled tasks fail to run (sbrun)
0004226: [Kali Package Bug] on the same scan target, nmap 7.60 scans run significantly slower or do not complete compared to nmap 7.40 (rhertzog)
0004344: [Kali Package Bug] Setoolkit 7.7.4 Upgrade dosnt work remain on 7.7.2 (sbrun)
0004045: [Tool Upgrade] Replace Veil-Evasion With Veil 3.0 (sbrun)
0004336: [Tool Upgrade] reaver v1.6.3 available (sbrun)
0004334: [Tool Upgrade] Social Engineering Toolkit (setoolkit) v7.7.4 available (sbrun)
0003981: [Tool Upgrade] O-Saft version 17.04.17 available (sbrun)
0004297: [Kali Package Bug] hydra segmentation fault (sbrun)
0004256: [Tool Upgrade] Update cuckoo to 2.0.4 (sbrun)
0004312: [Tool Upgrade] burpsuite v1.7.27 available (sbrun)
0004293: [Tool Upgrade] pixiewps v1.3 released (sbrun)
0004050: [Tool Upgrade] ethtool update is available (sbrun)
0004253: [General Bug] gnome-disk-utility 3.26.0 crashing (rhertzog)
0004205: [General Bug] Low Disk Space on "Kali Live" (rhertzog)
0001964: [New Tool Requests] Add Sublist3r v1.0 (Was SubBrute) - Fast subdomains enumeration tool for penetration testers (sbrun)
0003042: [New Tool Requests] Add OSRFramework v6.0 - Tools for user profiling and online research (sbrun)
0004270: [Tool Upgrade] reaver v1.6.2 released (sbrun)
0004265: [Kali Package Bug] EDB Debugger - "edb Failed to Load A Necessary Plugin" (sbrun)
0004254: [General Bug] Kali Light login language default to aa_DJ.utf8 AFTER HD install (rhertzog)
0004247: [Kali Package Bug] Rebuild gr-osmosdr for GNU Radio 3.7.11 (rhertzog)
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