Released 2018-10-29
0004881: [Kali Package Bug] Upgrade cryptsetup to fix boot problem with LUKS on LVM (rhertzog)
0004453: [Kali Package Bug] Dolphin, kate and kwrite do not work on kde kali builds after latest update, error "Executing Dolphin as root is not possible" (rhertzog)
0005048: [General Bug] King-Phisher service doesn't start (sbrun)
0005044: [Kali Package Bug] wifiphisher cannot find roguehostapd (sbrun)
0005033: [Tool Upgrade] Please update python-impacket to 0.9.17 (sbrun)
0005043: [Tool Upgrade] Update SecLists to 2018.3 (g0tmi1k)
0005019: [Tool Upgrade] [Debian Package] Aircrack-ng 1.4 (sbrun)
0005000: [Tool Upgrade] upgrade Firefox ESR (sbrun)
0005031: [General Bug] 2018.4 Missing nexutil, cannot switch to monitor mode. (steev)
0004945: [General Bug] 2018.3 does not allow encrypted persistence on USB (rhertzog)
0004657: [General Bug] eject drives "Writing data to device" dialog never closes (rhertzog)
0005007: [Kali Package Improvement] Please update wireguard on a regular basis
0004960: [General Bug] video on NOT playing after upgrade (sbrun)
0004999: [General Bug] post update 2017.3 - totally hung desktop ,keyboard, menu (sbrun)
0004956: [Kali Package Improvement] Upgrading from Kali 2018.2 to 2018.3 causes GRUB problems (rhertzog)
0004972: [Tool Upgrade] tinfoleak is 2.4 (sbrun)
0004968: [Tool Upgrade] armitage update with git commit (sbrun)
0004971: [General Bug] Could not connect to wicd's D-Bus interface. Check the wicd log to see the error messages. (rhertzog)
0004975: [Tool Upgrade] fern-wifi-cracker v2.7 released (sbrun)
0004976: [Queued Tool Addition] Add Wireguard Tool (sbrun)
0004977: [Tool Upgrade] binwalk 2.1.2 (rhertzog)
0004963: [Tool Upgrade] fern-wifi-cracker v2.7 released (sbrun)
0004909: [Kali Package Bug] Mono package has a bug (sbrun)
0004868: [Tool Upgrade] Update python-faraday v3.0 (sbrun)
0004926: [Tool Upgrade] Update exploitdb-bin-sploits (g0tmi1k)
0004938: [Queued Tool Addition] Add Wireguard Tool (sbrun)
0004940: [Tool Upgrade] binwalk 2.1.2 (rhertzog)
0004939: [Tool Upgrade] gobuster 2.0 (sbrun)
0004922: [Tool Upgrade] RSMangler v1.5 (g0tmi1k)
0004924: [Tool Upgrade] Update exploitdb-papers (g0tmi1k)
0004631: [Tool Upgrade] Update windows-privesc-check to latest version. (g0tmi1k)
0004883: [Tool Upgrade] hashcat v4.2.0 available (sbrun)
0004876: [Kali Package Bug] Pyrit fails with "AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'EAPOL'" (sbrun)
0004918: [Tool Upgrade] Update Patator from version 0.6 to 0.7 (sbrun)
0004923: [Kali Package Bug] Missing xrdp package
0004891: [Tool Upgrade] rtl8812au new version v5.2.20.2 available (sbrun)
0004902: [Tool Upgrade] hashcat-utils 1.9 (sbrun)
0004875: [Tool Upgrade] burpsuite 1.7.36 available (sbrun)
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