Released 2020-01-28
0006053: [Kali Package Bug] Not starting after installation (rhertzog)
0006004: [General Bug] depmod: ERROR: ... could not open builtin file '.../modules.builtin.bin' (printed by mkinitramfs) (rhertzog)
0005998: [General Bug] depmod: ERROR: ... could not open builtin file '.../modules.builtin.bin' (printed by mkinitramfs) (rhertzog)
0005965: [General Bug] PAM/GDM does not allow root to login after last update (rhertzog)
0005177: [Queued Tool Addition] Replace sslcaudit with qsslcaudit (sbrun)
0005964: [Kali Package Bug] Error in Faraday plugin "wpscan" after farday update (sbrun)
0005899: [Tool Upgrade] [Debian Package] Upgrade ettercap to version 0.8.3-Bertillon (sbrun)
0005929: [Tool Upgrade] Upgrade Beef to (sbrun)
0005948: [Tool Upgrade] Empire 3.0 released (sbrun)
0005913: [Tool Upgrade] [Debian Package] WAFW00F Version v2.0.0 Release (sbrun)
0005842: [New Tool Requests] RTL8188EUS: New Wi-Fi drivers with monitor mode & frame injection (sbrun)
0005933: [Tool Upgrade] burpsuite 2.1.07 available (sbrun)
0005922: [Feature Requests] /root permissions different than Debian (rhertzog)
0005927: [Tool Upgrade] VirtualBox packages version 6.1.0 (sbrun)
0005884: [General Bug] After upgrade (rhertzog)
0005887: [General Bug] Wifi Naming Issue (rhertzog)
0005885: [General Bug] Wifi adapter issue after update (rhertzog)
0005868: [Tool Upgrade] Switch wifite2 to kimocoder fork (more up to date) (sbrun)
0005036: [Queued Tool Addition] Bytecode Viewer - Six different Java decompilers, two Bytecode editors, a Java compiler,plugins, searching, supports loading fro (sbrun)
0005836: [Kali Package Bug] python-pcapy file conflict with python3-pcapy (sbrun)
0005838: [General Bug] Creating a Bootable Kali USB Drive on Windows with Rufus ends with grub> bash (Gamb1t)
0005840: [General Bug] Xfce does not group the default Xfce menu categories under 'Usual applications' (rhertzog)
0005817: [Kali Package Bug] bash-wrapper needs addition of "eval" before the rest of the command (rhertzog)
0005560: [Queued Tool Addition] WIG: Wi-Fi Information Gathering (sbrun)
0005667: [Queued Tool Addition] cloud_enum - Multi-cloud OSINT tool. Enumerate public resources in AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. (Gamb1t)
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