Released 2020-05-12
0006269: [General Bug] Package qt5ct breaks KDE (daniruiz)
0006242: [General Bug] TFTP listening by default (rhertzog)
0006239: [General Bug] cloud-init in Kali AWS image persists in 'running' state (rhertzog)
0006281: [Kali Package Bug] Issue with latest version of Crowbar in Kali Repo (0.3.6-dev) (g0tmi1k)
0005892: [General Bug] About KDE PLASMA 5 theme problems (daniruiz)
0005846: [General Bug] kali kde system settings not responding (daniruiz)
0006126: [Kali Package Bug] Kali icon theme resets on reboot. (daniruiz)
0006174: [Tool Upgrade] sublist3r update required (sbrun)
0006176: [Tool Upgrade] Nmap 7.80 smb-os-discovery script is not current & throwing an error because of it. (sbrun)
0006172: [Kali Package Bug] arachni doesn't work anymore after upgrade (sbrun)
0006077: [Tool Upgrade] Update wifite to 2.5.2 (sbrun)
0006134: [General Bug] Sparta no longer in 'Applications' menu. (steev)
0005882: [Queued Tool Addition] nextnet - pivot point discovery (sbrun)
0006132: [Tool Upgrade] VirtualBox packages version 6.1.4 (sbrun)
0006123: [Tool Upgrade] Bettercap failing to set tx power on rtl88xxau based chipsets (sbrun)
0006033: [Tool Upgrade] Shellter can't call windows debugger in wine after the dist-upgrade yesterday (sbrun)
0006094: [General Bug] UFW: fails at start and blocks all incoming packets (rhertzog)
0005992: [Tool Upgrade] Please upgrade recon-ng from v5.0.1 to 5.1.1 (sbrun)
0005977: [Tool Upgrade] [04 - Database Assessment] - jSQL Injection v0.82 now compliant Java from 8 to 13 (sbrun)
0005761: [Kali Package Improvement] aircrack-ng package - aircrack-ng program hangs with ctrl-c (rhertzog)
0006036: [General Bug] Install ralink firmware by default (rhertzog)
0005878: [General Bug] During live boot debian-installer-launcher fails to run (rhertzog)
0000346: [Queued Tool Addition] SpiderFoot 2.0: SpiderFoot automates OSINT to find out everything possible about your target. (sbrun)
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