Released 2021-06-01
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0007339: [General Bug] Live USB Encrypted Persistence won't work. (rhertzog)
0007319: [Kali Package Bug] kali-tweaks vmware shared folders package name issue (arnaudr)
0007299: [Kali Package Bug] burpsuite wont start from the main manu
0007302: [General Bug] BurpSuit Does not open (sbrun)
0007287: [Tool Upgrade Request] Freeradius 3.0.23 (sbrun)
0007290: [Tool Upgrade Request] Upgrade feroxbuster to version 2.3.3 (sbrun)
0007279: [Kali Package Bug] gvm - script "gvm-check-setup" version problem (sbrun)
0007264: [Kali Package Improvement] kali-linux-headless conflicts with plocate 1.1.8-2 (sbrun)
0006565: [Queued Tool Addition] EAPHammer - Targeted evil twin attacks against WPA2-Enterprise networks. Indirect wireless pivots using hostile portal attacks. (sbrun)
0006677: [Kali Package Bug] Autopsy GUI menu needs to launch with sudo (otherwise autopsy crashes) (sbrun)
0006577: [Queued Tool Addition] WPA Sycophant - Evil client portion of EAP relay attack (sbrun)
0006538: [Queued Tool Addition] berate_ap - orchestrating mana rogue WiFi Access Points (sbrun)
0006499: [Queued Tool Addition] HostHunter - a recon tool for discovering hostnames using OSINT techniques. (sbrun)
0006504: [Queued Tool Addition] subjack - Subdomain Takeover tool written in Go (sbrun)
0007224: [Tool Upgrade Request] upgrade 'arjun' to 2.1.4 (sbrun)
0004082: [Queued Tool Addition] RouterKeygenPC - Router Keygen generate default WPA/WEP keys (sbrun)
0007178: [Queued Tool Addition] caldera - Scalable Automated Adversary Emulation Platform (sbrun)
0007136: [Feature Requests] Unable to start web browser from the command line when running as root. (daniruiz)
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