0005967: [Queued Tool Addition] Spraykatz - retrieve credentials on Windows machines and large Active Directory environments (sbrun)
0004578: [Queued Tool Addition] wotmate - Web of trust grapher (sbrun)
0007411: [Tool Upgrade Request] Upgrade feroxbuster to version 2.4.0 (sbrun)
0006892: [Queued Tool Addition] Dufflebag - Search exposed EBS volumes for secrets (sbrun)
0004579: [Queued Tool Addition] Reverse proxy grapher - generate a nice graphviz graph illustrating your reverse proxy flow (sbrun)
0006815: [Queued Tool Addition] Maryam - Open-source Intelligence(OSINT) framework (sbrun)
0007375: [Tool Upgrade Request] ZAP 2.11 release (sbrun)
0005639: [Queued Tool Addition] Proxmark3 (sbrun)
0007268: [Kali Package Bug] shellter: cannot start / must do workaround (arnaudr)
0007351: [Kali Package Improvement] I can't install gtkhash. (arnaudr)
0007337: [General Bug] update error (sbrun)
0007019: [Queued Tool Addition] Name-That-Hash - a modern day hash-identifier (sbrun)
0005076: [Queued Tool Addition] trufflehog - Searches through git repositories for high entropy strings and secrets, digging deep into commit history (sbrun)
0004611: [Queued Tool Addition] S3Scanner - Scan for open S3 buckets and dump (sbrun)
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