0007770: [Kali Package Bug] freeradius-wpe missing shared objects (sbrun)
0007736: [New Tool Requests] sparrow wifi advanced feature falcon can't be turned on (sbrun)
0007758: [Kali Package Bug] armitage does not show sysmbols (sbrun)
0007715: [Kali Package Bug] Legion crashes when we choose a target (sbrun)
0007685: [General Bug] gvm / gvmd - way of update confusing (sbrun)
0007752: [Tool Upgrade Request] Pull latest rtl8812au (sbrun)
0007741: [New Tool Requests] Add new tool PEASS-ng to the packages list (daniruiz)
0006873: [Queued Tool Addition] SprayingToolkit - Password spraying attacks against Lync/S4B, OWA & O365 a lot quicker, less painful (daniruiz)
0007735: [Kali Package Bug] Powershell Empire unable to use CSharp stagers/modules since update to 4.6.0-kali-0kali1 (sbrun)
0006220: [Queued Tool Addition] phpsploit - Stealth post-exploitation framework (sbrun)
0007257: [Queued Tool Addition] BruteShark - Network Analysis Tool (sbrun)
0003694: [Queued Tool Addition] shellfire - exploiting LFI,RFI, and command injection vulnerabilities (sbrun)
0007731: [Kali Package Bug] python3-impacket requires dsinternals (sbrun)
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