0007842: [Queued Tool Addition] BloodHound.py - A Python based ingestor for BloodHound (sbrun)
0008056: [Kali Package Bug] Neo4j Failure to start (arnaudr)
0008051: [Kali Package Bug] John cannot run (steev)
0008027: [Tool Upgrade Request] Upgrade ZAP to 2.12.0 (sbrun)
0007885: [General Bug] Vagrant kalilinux/rolling Virtualbox broken (2022.3.1, 2022.3.2) (daniruiz)
0008002: [General Bug] Media playback not working (daniruiz)
0008013: [Kali Package Bug] The PackageKit daemon has crashed The PackageKit daemon has crashed (daniruiz)
0007989: [General Bug] msfdb crash on init (or reinit) (sbrun)
0007878: [Tool Upgrade Request] gqrx doesn't start, maybe just needs a version bump (sbrun)
0007761: [Kali Package Bug] dnsrecon -D (dictionary) cannot be used with relative path (sbrun)
0007944: [Tool Upgrade Request] nmap v7.92 (current package) segmentation fault (sbrun)
0007966: [Kali Package Bug] nmap with scripts crashes in SSL_CTX_free with as described upstream (sbrun)
0007947: [Tool Upgrade Request] hashcat 6.2.6 (sbrun)
0007853: [Kali Package Bug] GVM (OpenVAS) error exporting report in pdf (empty file, zero bytes) (sbrun)
0007852: [Kali Package Bug] GVM does not download reports in PDF format (sbrun)
0007957: [Kali Package Bug] GVM Report exported in PDF format results to 0 byte document (sbrun)
0007973: [Tool Upgrade Request] 0007906: VirtualBox packages version 6.1.38 (sbrun)
0007841: [Queued Tool Addition] certipy - Tool for Active Directory Certificate Services enumeration and abuse (sbrun)
       0007861: [Queued Tool Addition] unicrypto - Unified interface for some crypto algos (sbrun)
0007951: [General Bug] Crashing of gnome-control-center (Settings). (daniruiz)
0007949: [Kali Package Bug] Metasploit Is Not Being Packaged with the docs/ Folder (daniruiz)
0007942: [General Bug] Sierra Wireless WWAN Doesn't Work in 2022.x (daniruiz)
0007766: [Tool Upgrade Request] Aircrack-ng 1.7 (sbrun)
0007941: [General Bug] Theme and colour problems in terminal & different applications after the new kali update.. (daniruiz)
0007906: [Tool Upgrade Request] VirtualBox packages version 6.1.38 (sbrun)
0007784: [Kali Package Bug] Tried install, not working.... (sbrun)
0007858: [Kali Websites & Docs] BruteShark docs page shows error instead of examples (sbrun)
0007883: [Kali Package Bug] grave error in gnuradio (steev)
0007837: [Tool Upgrade Request] Upgrade FinalRecon to latest version 1.1.5 (sbrun)
0007812: [Tool Upgrade Request] VirtualBox packages version 6.1.36 (sbrun)
0007866: [Kali Package Bug] Kali-Linux-Everything update prevention (steev)
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