0008142: [Tool Upgrade Request] Update ZEEK (sbrun)
0007914: [Queued Tool Addition] PACK2 (sbrun)
0007918: [Queued Tool Addition] Redeye - help you manage your data during a pentest operation in the most efficient and organized way. (sbrun)
0008149: [Kali Package Bug] eyewitness requires a json file in selenium and newer geckodriver (sbrun)
0008143: [Kali Package Improvement] Downgrade neo4j version from 5.2 to 4.4.13-16 for bloodhound Compatability (sbrun)
0008066: [Kali Package Bug] running Kali-undercover it logout from current session. (daniruiz)
0008030: [Kali Package Bug] GNOME/Nautilus visual artifact @2022.3 fresh install (daniruiz)
0007959: [General Bug] Night Light Broken (daniruiz)
0008120: [Kali Websites & Docs] Update zaproxy web reference (daniruiz)
0008060: [Tool Upgrade Request] Upgrade feroxbuster to version 2.7.2 (sbrun)
0006733: [General Bug] When using HiDPI mode, icons are forced off the desktop and cannot be arranged by the arrange command (daniruiz)
0008017: [Tool Upgrade Request] Updates to Kali i3-gaps' i3-gaps-dotfiles package (sbrun)
0008086: [Tool Upgrade Request] VirtualBox packages version 7.0.4 (sbrun)
0007722: [Kali Package Bug] unmet depencies ipv6toolkit (sbrun)
0008071: [Kali Package Bug] Can't install Forensic-extras package (sbrun)
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