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  • 0008585: [Kali Package Bug] Kali Purple - DefectDojo APT Error (sbrun)
  • 0008613: [General Bug] CPU Graph plugin crashes on Kali Rolling Live image 2024-01-23 (daniruiz)
  • 0008541: [Queued Tool Addition] Above - Network Sniffer for Finding Vulnerabilities (sbrun)
  • 0007976: [Kali Package Improvement] sparrow-wifi: .desktop file missing (daniruiz)
  • 0008596: [Kali Package Bug] Upgrade Kali, defectdojo APT Error (sbrun)
  • 0006154: [Queued Tool Addition] blue_hydra - BlueHydra makes use of ubertooth where available and attempts to track both classic and low energy (LE) bluetooth d (steev)
  • 0008570: [Kali Package Bug] After doing Update and Upgrade terminal get Crashed (daniruiz)
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