Please read this before submitting a bug

muts      2013-12-05 00:10

Hi there, and thanks for caring about Kali Linux and taking the time to read our simple guidelines.

Following these guidelines will vastly increase the chances of your report being tended to, as well as help us with the process of squashing Kali bugs.

You can find a detailed post explaining the makings of a good report here :

However, we suspect you won't actually read that right now, so we'll give you a quick summary:

1. Make sure you're not duplicating a report. Use the search feature.

2. Give a descriptive title to the bug, such as "Nikto v 2.15 fails to export results to XML". Titles such as "Help" or "Problems with Kali" are not a good start for your report.

3. Explain the issue in detail. Include software versions, machine architecture, and steps to reproduce the bugs.

4. When relevant, output of command such as dmesg, or various log files may be useful as well.

5. Provide a solution! This might not always be possible, but if you *do* provide us with a solution, you'll often be saving us time.

6. Due to the volume of bugs we get, if your report doesn't follow these guidelines even somewhat, we may just delete your submissions - sorry!

That's it. Go ahead and register in our system using the "Signup for a new account' link at the top of this page, and submit your bug report.

Thanks again !

The Kali Linux Dev Team