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0001384Kali Linux[All Projects] Tool Upgrade Requestpublic2014-06-04 15:20
ReporterkarkassaAssigned Tomuts  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version1.0.6 
Target Version1.0.7Fixed in Version1.0.7 
Summary0001384: fcrackzip 1.0.4 buffer overflow/ does not crack with dictionary
Descriptionwhile cracking some zips I recognized that paths, which are too long, still produce a buffer overflow. -> ScrBO.jpg
In my case "fcrackzip -Dp /media/sf_Gemeinsam/Cracking/wordlists/dictionaryList.txt -v -u"

On the other hand, If I cut the path down to "fcrackzip -Dp dictionaryList.txt -v -u" the zip will not be cracked.
The only output I get is:
found file 'Geheim.txt', (size cp/uc 57/ 45, flags 1, chk cdce)
-> ScrNoPW.jpg

The password for the zip is definitly (I checked 4 whitespaces etc. too) in the dictionaryList.txt.

Feel free to ask if something is not clear.
Additional Informationfcrackzip 1.0.4


2014-03-11 19:50


ScrBO.jpg (150,706 bytes)
ScrBO.jpg (150,706 bytes)

2014-03-11 19:50


ScrNoPW.jpg (11,667 bytes)
ScrNoPW.jpg (11,667 bytes)


2014-03-13 13:56

reporter   ~0002038

You might want to open a bug report with fcrackzip developers.


2014-03-17 17:07

reporter   ~0002039

i've done a little research and it seems that fcrackzip just needs to be updated to 1.0.5

This one is exactly my bug



2014-03-20 16:07

reporter   ~0002040

Updated to fcrackzip_1.0-5kali1, will hit the repos soon. Please test to see if your issue is resolved.

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