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0001665Kali LinuxGeneral Bugpublic2015-02-12 17:05
Reporterquest Assigned Tomuts  
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Summary0001665: No audio from the speakers after restart. Must shutdown first, then boot.

The audio is being read, as I can hear from the headphones(when they are plugged in) but nothing comes out of the built in speakers after a restart. I have to shutdown the computer, and reboot it, to have the audio coming out of the speakers. That is true for all Kalis(have not tried 1.0.8), on LiveUSB and HDD installations.

Steps To Reproduce

Simply 'restart' the computer = no sound from the speakers

Additional Information

Toshiba Satellite P850-057

Realtek ALC280Q-GR Software Sound, harman/kardon speakers with SRS Premium Sound HD




2015-02-12 16:05

reporter   ~0003078

Mark it as 'resolved'!!

Happy to report that with v1.1.0, I finally have audio after a restart, and no longer have to shutdown first then start.

I've had this problem since 1.0.4, but I'm not sure when that was resolved since my last version was 1.0.7. Regardless it works now under v1.1.0



2015-02-12 17:05

reporter   ~0003079

Great to hear, thanks!

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