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0001694Kali LinuxKali Package Bugpublic2014-08-28 00:55
ReporterPeleus Assigned Tomuts  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version1.0.9 
Fixed in Version1.1.0 
Summary0001694: Proxychains segfaults with nmap

Often when scanning with nmap via proxychains the program will segfault ending the scanning process.

Steps To Reproduce

Create a dynamic proxy with SSH and attempt to scan a host with a reasonable number of ports via proxychains, will segfault the majority of the time.

Additional Information

Suggested patch and cause is here -

Have applied patch and preliminary testing suggests that it does indeed fix the issue.




2014-08-28 00:55

reporter   ~0002491

Patch applied and shipped off as proxychains_3.1-3kali1.

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