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0002333Kali LinuxTool Upgrade Requestpublic2015-07-02 13:53
Reporterrhertzog Assigned Tosbrun  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Versionkali-dev 
Summary0002333: Please ensure that kali-rolling/sana is in sync with kali-current/moto

I just did a quick comparison of "kali" vs "kali-rolling" and found out the following list of packages that are missing in kali-rolling (or are outdated). Please investigate. If the packages is really missing, please add it to kali-dev-only. If it has been dropped for a good reason, add a small comment explaining why. If the package needs to be updated in kali-dev, please update it.

Packages to investigate:

[DONE] bdfproxy (copied in kali-dev-only)
[DONE] bing-ip2hosts (dropped because no bug tracker and last update was in 2013). see bug 0002180
[DONE] bluemaho (got dropped because broken IIRC). see bug 0002180
[DONE] dbpwaudit (dropped because doesn't work. last updated in 2008).see bug 0002180
[DONE] fruitywifi
[DONE] fruitywifi-module-3g-4g
[DONE] fruitywifi-module-autossh
[DONE] fruitywifi-module-autostart
[DONE] fruitywifi-module-bdfproxy
[DONE] fruitywifi-module-captive
[DONE] fruitywifi-module-dnsspoof
[DONE] fruitywifi-module-ettercap
[DONE] fruitywifi-module-karma
[DONE] fruitywifi-module-kismet
[DONE] fruitywifi-module-mana
[DONE] fruitywifi-module-mdk3
[DONE] fruitywifi-module-meterpreter
[DONE] fruitywifi-module-nessus
[DONE] fruitywifi-module-ngrep
[DONE] fruitywifi-module-nmap
[DONE] fruitywifi-module-nmcli
[DONE] fruitywifi-module-phishing
[DONE] fruitywifi-module-responder
[DONE] fruitywifi-module-rpitwit
[DONE] fruitywifi-module-squid3
[DONE] fruitywifi-module-sslstrip
[DONE] fruitywifi-module-supplicant
[DONE] fruitywifi-module-tcpdump
[DONE] fruitywifi-module-tor
[DONE] fruitywifi-module-urlsnarf
[DONE] fruitywifi-module-vfeed
[DONE] fruitywifi-module-whatsapp
[DONE] google-nexus-tools (copied in kali-dev-only)
[DONE] gr-extras (upstream stopped the development from gnu-radio 3.6)
[DONE] hydra (copied in kali-dev-only)
[DONE] inundator (dropped because hasn't been updated since 2010) see bug 0002180
[DONE] isr-evilgrade (dropped because broken. doesn't seem to be under development at all) see bug 0002180
[DONE] jd-gui (dropped because homepage no longer online) see bug 0002180
[DONE] mana-toolkit (modified and introduced in kali-rolling)
[DONE] mitmf (copied in kali-dev-only)
[DONE] ndg-httpsclient (copied in kali-dev-only)
[DONE] phrasendrescher (dropped because hasn't been updated since 2009) see bug 0002180
[DONE] python-tblib (copied in kali-dev-only)
[DONE] python-twitter-toolset (copied in kali-dev-only)
[DONE] ruby-rubyzip (deprecated, replaced by ruby-zip in kali-rolling)
[DONE] smbmap (copied in kali-dev-only)
[DONE] sslscan (copied in kali-dev-only)
[DONE] truecrypt (dropped because it's not secure)
[DONE] vfeed (copied in kali-dev-only)
[DONE] watobo (copied in kali-dev-only + rebuild)
[DONE] webslayer (dropped because hasn't been updated since 2011) see bug 2180
[DONE] wifite (copied in kali-dev-only)
[DONE] yara-python (deprecated by yara)

Please update this description to indicate the status of each package.


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