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0002385Kali LinuxTool Upgrade Requestpublic2015-07-16 08:35
Reporterrhertzog Assigned Tosbrun  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Versionkali-dev 
Fixed in Version2.0 
Summary0002385: Please add missing watch files, fix broken watch files and ask upstream to make proper releases

We want to fix all watch files in kali-dev so that we can properly monitor new upstream releases in the future (in some case we should ask the upstream developers to make proper releases for this). We also want to double check if we have the latest version of the software in sana/kali-dev (open a seperate bug when that's not the case).

Here's a list of packages that need to be investigated/updated for this:
[DONE] aircrack-ng, improve the watch options to convert -rc, -beta to ~rc & ~beta ? => just the debian has been updated
[DONE] asleap (missing watch file) up-to-date, watch file added
[DONE] automater => up-to-date, watch file added
[DONE] clusterd
[DONE] dirbuster: project is over. not possible to fix/add watch file
[DONE] dmitry
[DONE] dnmap
[DONE] dnsrecon (no tags upstream)
[DONE] dradis
[DONE] fimap: no tags upstream. Asked upstream to make tagged release. Added a debian watch just in case
[DONE] golismero
[DONE] hackrf
[DONE] hashid
[DONE] jigsaw: project is over.not possible to fix/add watch file
[DONE] joomscan: project is not maintained. No proper release.
[DONE] keimpx
[DONE] libnfc: fix the watch file in debian.
[DONE] mana-toolkit: no proper release. watch file added just in case
[DONE] mdk3
[DONE] mfcuk
[DONE] mfoc
[DONE] mimikatz
[DONE] nikto
[DONE] passing-the-hash. not possible
[DONE] pixiewps
[DONE] rainbowcrack
[DONE] rcracki-mt. not possible
[DONE] reaver
[DONE] rfcat
[DONE] ridenum
[DONE] sakis3g: not possible.
[DONE] sandi
[DONE] shellter
[DONE] smali
[DONE] smbmap
[DONE] u3-pwn
[DONE] veil-evasion
[DONE] vfeed
[DONE] watobo
[DONE] webshag
[DONE] wifi-honey


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