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0005346Kali LinuxKali Package Improvementpublic2019-03-28 13:22
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Product Version2019.1 
Summary0005346: Prompt change password on python-faraday the first time

We were testing kalli rolling and we found that faraday is shipped with a random password, this forces the user to use a change password script the first time.

We have an update of the faraday start script that will prompt the user the first time to change the password:


systemctl start python-faraday
sleep 3
if [ ! -f $aux_file_path ]; then
    touch $aux_file_path
    cd /usr/share/python-faraday
    echo "Please, set a new password for the Faraday's default user 'faraday'"
    ./ change-password
    ./ --login
    cd /usr/share/python-faraday && ./ "$@"
systemctl stop python-faraday

Let us know if you want to change something on the script.


Steps To Reproduce

Open farada ide icon. If you try to browse the faraday web gui you can't log in into faraday.


duplicate of 0005366 resolvedsbrun Prompt change password on python-faraday the first time 


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