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0005781Kali LinuxKali Websites & Docspublic2022-02-17 14:41
Reportersrbms Assigned Todaniruiz  
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Product Version2019.3 
Summary0005781: SHA256SUMS.gpg file missing for VM downloads

I downloaded the file kali-linux-2019.3a-vbox-amd64.ova from directory

and the file SHA256SUMS from the same path, replacing the ova filename with SHA256SUMS ,
but trying to download SHA256SUMS.gpg from the same location resulted in a 404 not found error.
I assume I need to verify the SHA256SUMS file using the SHA256SUMS.gpg file in order to verify the .ova file.

Steps To Reproduce
  1. Goto using FireFox 70.0.1 from Windows 7.
  2. Copy link location for Kali Linux VirtualBox 64-bit =
  3. Replace last path component kali-linux ... .ova with SHA256SUMS.ova then press enter, so that the
    URL =
  4. This results in "The requested URL /virtual-images/SHA256SUMS.gpg was not found on this server."




2019-11-08 20:58

reporter   ~0011286

Step 3 should have read:

  1. Replace last path component kali-linux ... .ova with SHA256SUMS.gpg then press enter, so that the
    URL =


2022-02-17 14:41

manager   ~0015764

With the new website the SHA256SUMS are published in the same download page

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