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0005782Kali LinuxGeneral Bugpublic2020-07-24 12:05
Reporterradualexandrupopescu Assigned Todaniruiz  
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Summary0005782: Gnome does not display wallpaper and locked screen image if display scale is above 100%

The Gnome interface shows a blank white background as a desktop background and locked screen image when I set the display scaling to 200% (from Settings -> Devices -> Display) or even 300% (I did not go higher).
But if I set it to 100% it works correctly.

Steps To Reproduce

Set the display scaling to 200% or more.

Additional Information

Made a small video demonstrating:




2019-11-16 05:37

reporter   ~0011313

I forgot to mention it's running on VMware.

And apparently, others have the same issue:



2020-01-24 02:26

reporter   ~0011954

Apparently disabling 3D acceleration fixes the bug...

It also seems to have fixed a bug with flickering/misbehaving UI (like )



2020-07-24 12:04

manager   ~0013133

3D acceleration has been really problematic lately. Especially with the switch to xfce desktop, which made some windows completely transparent. So we recommend disabling it.
I'm closing the issue as this seems fixed now.

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