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0006302Kali LinuxKali Websites & Docspublic2020-12-01 11:00
Reporterre4son Assigned Todaniruiz  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version2020.1 
Summary0006302: Kali default installation does not include fonts to fully display Kali Documentation pages

Kali-dot theme includes a "'LEFTWARDS SANS-SERIF ARROW' (U+1F850)" as a navigation element to return to the previous page. This glyph is not supported by Kali using a default installation.

Steps To Reproduce

Kali default install.
Open and verify if the "back arrow" in the left menu is displayed as a unicode value instead.

Alternatively open this site:




2020-04-18 05:52

manager   ~0012651

Xfce and gnome are affected even after installing kali-linux-everything.
KDE is not affected.

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