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0006690Kali LinuxKali Package Bugpublic2020-10-08 10:15
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Product Version2020.3 
Summary0006690: burpsuite is scaled down ob retina screen

I use Macbook with Kali Linux on USB drive.
Macbook display has @2x density. Kali understands this and show almost every screen with 200% scale.

Burpsuite is an exception: is opens up with 100% scale, so the window is very small.

Screenshot is attached.

Steps To Reproduce

Open burpsuite on device with retina screen (200% scale).

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2020-09-02 12:13

manager   ~0013376

Burpsuite is a Java-based app, thus, it doesn't use the same settings as the rest of the apps.

You can force the 2x scaling by running it from the terminal with:
GDK_SCALE=2 burpsuite

You can also make this change permanent by adding the following line to ~/.xsessionrc:
export GDK_SCALE=2

If you have trouble with qt apps too, you can add the following line too:

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