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0006706Kali Linux[All Projects] Kali Package Bugpublic2020-09-20 21:08
Reportermjrarcher Assigned Tosbrun  
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Product Version2020.3 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0006706: Greenbone security assistant (gsad) fail to start
I've been able to successfully install gvm, run gvm-setup, gvm-check-setup, gvm-feed-update. After, when I try to start the services using gvm-start, gvmd.service and ospd-openvas.service start without issues, but gsad.service fails. However, when stopping the service with gvm-stop and retrying a few times, it works fine. It does not automatically open the browser saying there was an I/O error, but that can be manually opened. Another issue is with the gvm-cli command to run gmp commands. I keep getting a permission error when trying the simplest task like:
'gvm-cli socket --xml "<get_version/>". However, if I do sudo runuser -u _gvm -- gvm-cli ... it works fine. I thought 'sudo runuser -u _gvm' was supposed to be only for 'gvm-nvt-sync', which 'gvm-feed-update' does anyway. Is this how it is supposed to be?

Anyways, the 2 main bugs I wanted to report are the gsad.service failing randomly and the gvm-cli not working without having to use '_gvm' as user.
Steps To Reproducegvm-setup
gvm-start (1 service not running) -stopping and retrying it works.
gvm-cli socket ....(permission issue: error 13). Resolved by 'runuser -u _gvm'
Additional InformationPlease see pictures.



2020-09-04 15:56


gsad.png (322,397 bytes)
gsad2.png (211,067 bytes)
gsad2.png (211,067 bytes)
gvm-cli.png (135,058 bytes)
gvm-cli.png (135,058 bytes)


2020-09-11 06:53

manager   ~0013413

Thanks for your report.

gvm-cli not working without having to use '_gvm' as user: yes it's how it is supposed to be. In the /usr/share/doc/gvm/README.Debian we documented that all the gvm must be use with 'sudo -u _gvm' but we didn't mention clearly the gvm-cli command. I will add this information to help other users.

For the gsad.service failing randomly I need more information. The next time it fails, please check the log /var/log/gvm/gsad and the service status ('systemctl status greenbone-security-assistant') or journalctl.


2020-09-20 21:08

reporter   ~0013466


thanks for your suggestion.
The issue has happened again, and I have included screenshots from the log and systemctl. Please see below.

gsad3.png (89,164 bytes)
gsad3.png (89,164 bytes)
gsad4.png (110,402 bytes)
gsad4.png (110,402 bytes)

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