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0000688Kali LinuxGeneral Bugpublic2013-11-08 18:42
ReporterPrymalInstynct Assigned Tosteev  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
PlatformHP Chomebook 11OSChromeOSOS Version30.0.1599.116
Product Version1.0.5 
Fixed in Version1.0.6 
Summary0000688: Bootable image for New HP Chromebook 11

With the Samsung Chromebook being replaced by the HP Chromebook 11 a bootable image of kali for the new platform would be great. Currently the Samsung Chromebook image only produces a black screen when you try to book into it from Dev mode.

Steps To Reproduce

Followed steps at to create a USB drive put Chromebook into a dev mode enabled cross system booting and hit ctrl-u after restarting system to attempt to boot from the USB drive




2013-11-04 22:33

manager   ~0001057

The HP Chromebook is called daisy_spring. You'll need to change the kernel.its file to pull in (with the 3.4 kernel) exynos5250-spring.dtb instead of exynos5250-snow-rev4.dtb - that should be the only change needed.

I have an HP Chromebook on the way, and hope to have a new way to do images, but unfortunately, the nv-uboot way I do the new Samsung image requires a new nv-uboot for the HP one too :/



2013-11-05 13:46

reporter   ~0001058

Replacing exynos5250-snow-rev4.dtb with exynos5250-spring.dtb in the build script from the Offensive-Security github ( ) yielded a thumb drive that when booted to produces a loud humming noise then returns you to the dev mode white screen.



2013-11-05 17:13

manager   ~0001059

Correct - as mentioned the nv-uboot way I do the new Samsung image requires a new nv-uboot for the HP one. As that doesn't exist yet, it won't work, and you'll need to follow the instructions on the site - or, wait until later today and I'll push out a new script specifically for the HP Chromebook, but again, I don't have one so it won't be tested, but it should work. I'm available on IRC as steev if you have any questions as well.



2013-11-08 18:42

manager   ~0001067

An image has been created and tested by PrymalInstynct.

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