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0006974Kali LinuxFeature Requestspublic2021-01-06 08:32
Reporterjmg Assigned Todaniruiz  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version2020.4 
Fixed in Version2021.1 
Summary0006974: Better ZSH support for virtual environments

The ZSH terminal doesn't look very good with a python virtual environment. It would be great if better support could be added for virtual environments. Currently, when you activate a venv, the terminal kind of looks broken.

Steps To Reproduce
  1. If you don't have "python3-venv" installed, run "sudo apt install python3-venv"
  2. Open a terminal window.
  3. Create a venv: "python3 -m venv venv"
  4. Activate the venv: "source ./venv/bin/activate"
  5. Notice that the terminal looks kinda broken like in the screenshot. Longer venv names would look even more broken.
Additional Information

Without the venv, the prompt currently looks like this: (kali@kali)-[~]

I was thinking the venv could go just before the username like this: ((venv) kali@kali)-[~]

If someone can point me to the git repo for the ZSH theme, I'd actually be willing to submit a PR for this, but I wanted to see if there's any interest first. If anyone has a better suggestion about where the venv could go, please suggest :)

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2021-01-04 07:18

manager   ~0014029

You can find the .zshrc file inside our gitlab repository
Feel free to open a PR with the suggested changes ;)



2021-01-04 09:00

reporter   ~0014030

Thanks @daniruiz. I will create a gitlab account and try to handle it this week.



2021-01-04 16:30

reporter   ~0014032

@daniruiz - I went ahead and implemented a few different options. I opened an issue on the GitLab repo if you'd like to vote for one of the options (or suggest a different one).



2021-01-04 20:30

reporter   ~0014033

@daniruiz - Opened a merge request:



2021-01-06 08:31

manager   ~0014040

Thanks again ;)

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