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0007340Kali LinuxFeature Requestspublic2021-10-20 22:58
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Summary0007340: ARM VmWare Fusion

Hi Kali Linux Devs,

VMWare has blessed us with the tech preview for ARM based Macs, allowing us to run ARM64 Guests.

There are a number of tweaks needed along with a new kernel (5.14) and release of open-vm-tools to get the full experience working properly.

Would it be possible to look at getting the updated vmware tools in the repos and possibly the new kernel looked into?


Also is it a possibility to have an ARM VmWare image vended?

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2021-10-08 00:12

reporter   ~0015268

this can be resolved 5.14 & the latest open-vm-tools have hit experimental - thanks!

kali@kali:~$ uname -r
kali@kali:~$ vmware-toolbox-cmd --version (build-18090558)



2021-10-20 22:58

manager   ~0015331

Thanks - actually there was one additional bug, we were only including open-vm-tools-desktop on amd64 and i386 but that should be fixed in the next weekly image as well as in 2021.4.

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