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0007735Kali LinuxKali Package Bugpublic2022-07-09 09:49
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Product Version2022.2 
Fixed in Version2022.3 
Summary0007735: Powershell Empire unable to use CSharp stagers/modules since update to 4.6.0-kali-0kali1

Since updating to 4.6.0-kali-0kali1, Empire on Kali appears to be unable to generate C# stagers or utilize C# modules.

csharp_exe stager generates a "Sharpire.exe" file that contains the only the text "[!] Error in launcher command generation". C# modules give a "module compile failed" message when attempting to execute them.

I engaged BC Security on their Discord and one of their staff claims this is an issue with the Kali package of Empire:

hubble — 05/30/2022
I just tested and the Kali version is broken. Looks like they broke the recursive install

Steps To Reproduce
  • Start powershell-empire server
  • Connect with powershell-empire client
  • usestager windows/csharp_exe
  • execute
  • The message "[+] Sharpire.exe written to /var/lib/powershell-empire/empire/client/generated-stagers/Sharpire.exe" is displayed, but this file is not a valid executable and contains the error message "[!] Error in launcher command generation"




2022-06-06 08:42

manager   ~0016229

Thanks for the report.
It's fixed in version 4.6.0-kali+gitmodules-0kali1 now available in kali-rolling

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