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0007758Kali Linux[All Projects] Kali Package Bugpublic2022-06-23 12:25
Reportervanguard Assigned Tosbrun  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version2022.2 
Target VersionFixed in Version2022.3 
Summary0007758: armitage does not show sysmbols
DescriptionDear developers,

I discovered, that armitage on an installed kali dowes not run correctly. The issue: When done an nmap scan with OS detection,
there should appear the symbols of the hosts with its OS images.

But these images do not appear.

By searching the cause of it, the reason for this is, that armitage is not compatible with openjdk-17. When running with openjdk-17 I get this message:

Warming: cannot access class sun.java2d.SunGraphics2D: class sleep.......

Additionally it is telling me, the RPC daemon is crashing (but does not).

When reverting to openjdk-11 everything is fine.

However, openjdk-11 is also old, and the only package it needs openjdk-11, is "ghidra".

So my asking is: Please rebuild/compile/whatever armitage, so that it will run with openjdk-17. And maybe, you will change ghidra, too, but this is not related to this issue.

I know, armitage was not changed since some years, but maybe it could be easily ported to the use with openjdk-17 and later. Armitage is a really nice tool, and I do not want to miss it. (And yes, I know, everything can be done withn metasploit in the commandline, but I like and prefer that GUI-interface).

Thank you very much for looking at that!

Best regards




2022-06-15 18:13

manager   ~0016290

I'm sorry but we don't have the manpower to support unmaintained tools. Armintage has not been updated since 2016.
We could make it depend on java 11 though, like hydra
@sbrun is this doable?


2022-06-16 07:05

reporter   ~0016299

Maybe you could make it possible, that armitage will choose the correct java version, when it is started? Otherwise one always has to do an "update-alternative --config java", then chose the correct one - which is annoying.

On the other hand, I do not understand, why it is officially accepted in the repo, when it is buggy. I did not install it from somewhere else, I installed it directly from the kali repo. Please apologize, I do not want to mourn at this point, I am just wondering and would have more expected, that armitage would rather removed or orphaned than left in the repo. Again, this is no mourn!


2022-06-21 13:16

manager   ~0016312

As you already know, upstream abandoned the project and armitage is no longer maintained. But a lot of users appreciate the tool, just like you :-)
We can't "fork" the project and replace upstream but we are doing our best to fix the issues to keep armitage in Kali.

I have uploaded a fixed version in kali: 20220123-0kali3. Armitage will always use java 11.
The package will be available soon. Please let us know if you still have the problem after the upgrade.

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