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0000093Kali LinuxKali Package Bugpublic2013-03-31 15:36
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Platformx86 and x64 (multiple tested)OSKaliOS Version1.0.1
Summary0000093: WASH not finding WPS status (empty list)

WASH is not finding any WPS status.
Different Platforms, Routers and Adapters have been tested, always with the same result.

Routers with activated WPS are available (TP-Link, Pirelli, DLink, Thomson).
Adapters tested: Alfa AWUS036H and TP-Link WN722n.

WASH doesn't react or report any of them.

Steps To Reproduce

Terminal: wash -i mon0

Additional Information

The screenshot shows WASH's behaviour.




2013-03-16 18:52


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