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0001074Kali LinuxGeneral Bugpublic2020-12-01 10:48
Reporternakamoto Assigned Tosteev  
Status resolvedResolutionduplicate 
PlatformarmelOSKaliOS Version1.0
Product Version1.0.6 
Summary0001074: arm build script
Description, arm build script fails to build custom kali image
on a freshly installed kali 1.0.6 x86 I fail to build custom image

Steps To Reproduce

1)Install kali 1.0.6
2)apt-get update
3)git clone
4)build dependencies

check the log file attached

Additional Information lines were modified to:

base="kali-menu kali-defaults kali-linux-full initramfs-tools sudo parted
tools="passing-the-hash veil winexe aircrack-ng hydra john sqlmap wireshark
size=4000 # Size of image in megabytes

git clone --depth 1 ${basedir}/kernel

Attached Files
fail.txt (383,588 bytes)


duplicate of 0001075 resolvedsteev pixz can't compress arm images on x86 




2014-03-03 18:46

manager   ~0001589

Are you building this in virtualbox/vmware or on an actual 32bit system?



2014-03-03 20:05

reporter   ~0001590

on actual machine, no virtualization.



2014-03-03 20:47

manager   ~0001591

Another question is - how much memory do you have in your system?

I'm able to replicate the issue here on a 32bit machine with 4GB of ram (virtual machine) - it has to do with the fact that pixz will attempt to read the entire file into memory, and this fails.

you can see this via strace, if you run "strace pixz kali-1.0.7-rpi.img kali-1.0.7-rpi.img.xz" and it will end with..

open("kali-1.0.7-rpi.img", O_RDONLY) = -1 EOVERFLOW (Value too large for defined data type)
write(2, "Can't open input file", 21Can't open input file) = 21

So, basically, there's not enough memory on x86 systems to read the entire file into memory in order to compress it.

The easy fix for you, is to comment out the line that that deletes the image file.



2014-03-03 21:05

reporter   ~0001592

ahh, understood.
bo basically I have to remove these lines and Im good to go?

echo "Compressing kali-$1-rpi.img"
pixz ${basedir}/kali-$1-rpi.img ${basedir}/kali-$1-rpi.img.xz
rm ${basedir}/kali-$1-rpi.img
echo "Generating sha1sum for kali-$1-rpi.img.xz"
sha1sum kali-$1-rpi.img.xz > ${basedir}/kali-$1-rpi.img.xz.sha1sum



2014-03-03 21:08

manager   ~0001593

That is correct.



2014-03-03 21:23

manager   ~0001594

It isn't letting me modify the bug, so resolving as a dupe to the new bug.

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