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0006688Kali LinuxFeature Requestspublic2020-08-28 09:02
Reporteryossyja Assigned Tosbrun  
Status closedResolutionduplicate 
Product Version2020.3 
Summary0006688: We should get rid of openjdk-8

Right now openjdk-8 is gone from Debian testing but we have imported it into kali-dev-only for a few packages that require it. We should ensure that those packages switch to newer versions of openjdk.

I just dropped drozer so we have at least the following packages:

  • neo4j
  • maltego
  • cookie-cadger


duplicate of 0006226 resolvedsbrun We should get rid of openjdk-8 




2020-08-28 08:27

manager   ~0013343

maltego has been updated: it no longer requires openjdk-8

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