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0001015Kali LinuxKali Package Improvementpublic2014-02-07 17:32
ReporterMikeDawg Assigned Todookie  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Platformx64OSKaliOS Version1.0
Product Version1.0.6 
Fixed in Version1.0.7 
Summary0001015: recon-ng when launched from the Application Menu, fails to start because it is out-of-date

When recon-ng is launched from the Application Menu, it fails to launch, due to recon-ng being out-of-date. Moving to the command line, and launching recon-ng by hand, it states, that you must include the option --no-check in order to launch an older version.

I suggest that the Application Menu launches recon-ng with the --no-check option; so that it won't error out if a user launches it, if recon-ng is currently out-of-date.

Steps To Reproduce

Attempt to launch recon-ng from the Applications menu, if it is not up-to-date, with the current release of recon-ng

Additional Information

I understand that it is difficult to maintain a distribution, and difficult to manage versions of all programs. I think the --no-check option should be used for this app, especially since it errors out, and exits if it is not up-to-date.




2014-02-07 17:32

reporter   ~0001496

Upgraded in recon-ng_3.5.1-0kali1 and I added the --no-check flag to the helper script so it will be passed transparently to the application. It will be in the repos soon.

Thanks for the report.

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