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0001097Kali LinuxQueued Tool Additionpublic2021-05-18 11:02
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Fixed in Version2017.2 
Summary0001097: b374k 3.2.3 - PHP web shell

Name: b374k shell
Version: 3.2.3
License: MIT

Description: This PHP Shell is a useful tool for system or web administrator to do remote management without using cpanel, connecting using ssh, ftp etc. All actions take place within a web browser.


  • File manager (view, edit, rename, delete, upload, download, archiver, etc)
  • Search file, file content, folder (also using regex)
  • Command execution
  • Script execution (php, perl, python, ruby, java, node.js, c)
  • Give you shell via bind/reverse shell connect
  • Simple packet crafter
  • Connect to DBMS (mysql, mssql, oracle, sqlite, postgresql, and many more using ODBC or PDO)
  • SQL Explorer
  • Process list/Task manager
  • Send mail with attachment (you can attach local file on server)
  • String conversion
  • All of that only in 1 file, no installation needed
  • Support PHP > 4.3.3 and PHP 5

It also supports customisation, allowing you to re-build with personalised modifications.

Additional Information

There is already a selection of (php) web shells, in /usr/share/webshells/php by default. However, these are very 'simple'.
b374k has various improved features (such has the database support - making it much easier to navigate), as well as other new features (e.g. information gathering, creating other bind/reverse shells, process manager).

Shells like this, such as c99, r57, wso2 web shells have gotten bad press over the years by how they have been used and abused. However, I choose this shell to be submitted because its:

  • Been activity developed,
  • There is an 'official homepage',
  • It hasn't been modified/encoded to include a 'backdoor',
  • The features that it offers (all of which could be used in a CTF, pentest, or remote network admin).
  • The features thats are 'missing' when compared to other web shells (e.g. there IS NOT a; email bomber/DoS/DDoS/Botnet - these are not normally used in a typical pentest)




2017-05-09 10:37

administrator   ~0006647

Not sure if to package it as something new, or put it in "/usr/share/webshells/"



2017-06-15 14:33

manager   ~0006827

I packaged it separatly in a new package b374k
The version 3.2.3-0kali1 is now in kali-rolling
It's in /usr/share/b374k/
We don't provide a b374k.php. It's better if the user creates his own "b374k.php" with his own password.
The documentation is in /usr/share/doc/b374K



2017-07-18 14:30

administrator   ~0006927

This is missing a entry in the Kali menu.

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