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0001708Kali LinuxGeneral Bugpublic2020-12-01 10:48
ReporterDoctorD90 Assigned Torhertzog  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version1.0.9 
Fixed in Version2016.1 
Summary0001708: HDT unloadable

At boot option, in advance, it is there HDT. It gives error if choosen.

Failed to load COM32 and hdt.c32
boot: _

Steps To Reproduce

sudo dd 32bit iso on a usb stick as written on official kali site.
start up pc, and boot from usb source.
choose advanced option, and choice HDT option.

it will show error, and wait with "boot: _"
press enter to come back at menu options.

Additional Information

This bug exists since 1.0.5 version (always used only 32bit).
I have check/test 1.0.9 32bit, and another user in 1.0.9 64bit: we have check in 1.0.9 "Kali Live" partition, in path /EFI/BOOT.
it doesnt exists COM32 by the way.




2014-09-02 20:35

reporter   ~0002501

confirm error is also in 1.08 32bit.



2014-09-02 20:43

reporter   ~0002502

User that help me is d0rm0us3.

he tests:
1.06 32bit work
1.05 64bit work
1.08 32bit fail
1.09 64bit fail



2015-03-15 13:04

reporter   ~0003164

Version 32bit 1.1.0a is yet present.
In folder of EFI and other, where COM32 and hdt have to be, they there aren't.

this is what error says:

Failed to load libmenu.c32
Failed to load COM32 file hdt.c32
boot: _



2015-11-12 23:12

administrator   ~0004224

live-build is missing the libmenu.c32 symlink in /usr/share/live/build/bootloaders/*linux/

I'm adding it in live-build 5.0~a11-1kali4. I'll upload it after a proper test.



2015-11-13 09:06

administrator   ~0004229

Uploaded live-build 5.0~a11-1kali4. It also adds the libgpl.c32 symlink that was also missing.

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