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0001851Kali Linux[All Projects] Queued Tool Additionpublic2021-05-18 11:02
ReporterkyREcon Assigned Tosbrun  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
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Target VersionFixed in Version2.0 
Summary0001851: Shellter v1.8 - A dynamic Shellcode Injector
DescriptionHi guys,

I would like to propose my tool to be included in your distribution.

Shellter is not just another shellcode injector. It is the first trully dynamic PE infector.
It can be very useful in pentesting engagements where uploading an executable with a specific payload to execute is necessary. AVs block executables created by metasploit or other tools quite often. So this is nice alternative tool for someone to have in his arsenal.
This tool doesn't require any extra dependencies and can be used from WinXP SP3 and above, as well as in Wine (from Shellter v1.7 and above).
There was a specific Wine compatible build for version 1.7, but 1.8 now incorporates both tracing engines. In fact ArchAssault have included the fist Wine compatible build into their repo. Time for updating also for them... ;o)
Steps To ReproduceIf you want to know more then please take a look at the official website.

Many Thanks,



2014-11-01 13:29


Shellter_v1.8.rar (146,042 bytes)


2014-11-01 13:30

reporter   ~0002675


2015-05-26 15:48

reporter   ~0003318

Shellter has reached v3.0.


2015-05-26 16:12

reporter   ~0003319

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Thanks for the suggestion. We've put it in our que and it will be added shortly.


2015-05-30 15:28

reporter   ~0003345

Updated to Shellter v3.1


2015-06-02 08:14

manager   ~0003359

package shellter version 3.1-0kali1 is now available in kali-proposed-updates
(it may take several hours to reach all mirrors).
It will be pushed in kali anly after testing. Please test it and let me know.


2015-06-02 10:05

reporter   ~0003360

The package works fine.

The only issue that I have always noticed is that when I start Shellter from cmdline in Wine it seems that the console window overlaps the Shellter console window.
For example, fonts will always be white (no colours), the console title bar normally diplaying information during tracing won't show etc...

This never happens if someone just starts Shellter by clicking on the program itself.

Other than than, the program works fine. Do you think it is possible to fix the aforementioned issue?


2015-06-02 10:17


screenshot.png (153,896 bytes)
screenshot.png (153,896 bytes)


2015-06-02 10:17

reporter   ~0003361

I have uploaded a screenshot.


2015-06-02 14:37

manager   ~0003362

I sent a new version 3.1-0kali2 to fix this issue. The helper-script uses now wineconsole (instead of wine).
Thanks to let me know if it's ok.


2015-06-02 16:13

reporter   ~0003363

The issue is now fixed indeed.

I tested the new package and it looks good to go from my end.

Many thanks!


2015-06-02 16:33

reporter   ~0003364

I noticed another issue with the latest update.

It seems that is ignores command line arguments.

For example: shellter -h should show a help menu.


2015-06-02 16:37

reporter   ~0003365

Starting shellter using 'wineconsole shellter.exe -h' works fine basically, but when using the helper-script it seems that the argument is ignored.


2015-06-03 09:46

manager   ~0003366

the argument issue is fixed in version 3.1-0kali3


2015-06-03 19:58

reporter   ~0003372

Many thanks.

I will try it as soon as it is available through the proposed-updates repository.


2015-06-05 18:11

reporter   ~0003378


I have confirmed that the argument issue is fixed in version 3.1-0kali3

Many thanks!


2015-06-09 15:05

reporter   ~0003394


May I ask if you have any dates in mind about adding the package in kali?

Thank you.


2015-06-10 14:51

manager   ~0003396


the package Shellter is now in kali


2015-07-05 23:29

reporter   ~0003471

Shellter v4.0 has been released.


2015-07-13 08:10

manager   ~0003505

I will update the package very soon.
We have a tool (uscan) that monitor a webpage and detect the new version (that way you won't have to inform us for each release). But this tool doesn't work on your web pages because of 2 problems:
- the link (href) to download the latest version doesn't contain the version number. We can't compare the value to the version we have in kali.
- the read access to the page is restricted to some user-agent so the tool can't scan it automatically.
Is it possible to change these 2 things?


2015-07-19 12:03

reporter   ~0003533


I prefer to keep those as they are at the moment.

If this is not a problem for you, it is fine for me to notify you about future updates.

Thank you :)


2015-07-20 06:47

administrator   ~0003534

Hi KyREcon, I can work around the User-Agent restriction (and so can anyone else on the Internet, so why put it in the first-place?) but the fact that we can't identify the latest version automatically (and download the corresponding tarball) is problematic.

If we want to automate the packaging of the last upstream release, we can't do it...

So it would be really nice if you could provide a versioned link for the last upstream release. You don't have to drop the current link pointing to some "latest" URL but it would be nice to have the current release also appear in the list of all past releases.


2015-07-20 09:38

manager   ~0003536

the new version 4.0-0kali1 is in sana (next release of kali) and kali-dev.

If you want to discuss further about the uscan issue, you can send a mail to

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