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0002369Kali LinuxGeneral Bugpublic2015-07-02 08:36
Reportersteev Assigned Tosbrun  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version2.0 
Fixed in Version2.0 
Summary0002369: python-backports.ssl-match-hostname and python-backports-ssl-match-hostname conflict

python-backports.ssl-match-hostname and python-backports-ssl-match-hostname both try to install to the same folder and their causes conflicts.

It seems like python-backports.ssl-match-hostname is a backport from 3.4, and python-backports-ssl-match-hostname is a backport from 3.2 ?

Steps To Reproduce

install python-tornado, which will pull in python-backports-ssl-match-hostname.
attempt to install python-websocket (or docker-python) which attempts to pull in python-backports.ssl-match-hostname - the installation will error out and say that there is a conflict.

Additional Information

These packages seem to be identical in name and contents - a diff of the backports/ssl_match_hostname/ shows no differences.

So I guess maybe we can/should bump/change the python-websocket dependency to python-backports-ssl-match-hostname.




2015-07-02 07:35

administrator   ~0003449

You say "install python-tornado, which will pull in python-backports-ssl-match-hostname". That's not true in sana/kali-rolling it was the case with an old python-tornado (4.0.2-0kali1) but now we have 4.2.0-1.

And the new python-backports-ssl-match-hostname is just an empty package pulling the new python-backports.ssl-match-hostname (coming from Debian).

So the problem you describe should no longer be reproducible. At worst the upgrade is done in a bad order and you get a file conflict once between the old python-backports-ssl-match-hostname ( and the new python-backports.ssl-match-hostname. But as soon as python-backports-ssl-match-hostname is upgraded to then the problem goes away.

Do you confirm that the problem no longer exists with an up-to-date sana system?



2015-07-02 07:43

manager   ~0003450

Perhaps armhf is lagging behind, but I'm still showing python-tornado as 4.0.2-0kali1 here. I ran apt-get update a few minutes ago to be sure. I have

sana and sana-proposed-updates enabled here and don't see that update yet.



2015-07-02 07:53

administrator   ~0003451

Duh. We have the correct version on, but for some other reasons the mirrors have not been synchronized lately... so you still have the old version on your mirror. I just fixed this and the updated packages shall appear shortly.



2015-07-02 08:36

manager   ~0003452

Looks like that was it. I did have to apt-get -f autoremove, but am able to have both python-tornado and python-websocket installed now.

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