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0002398Kali LinuxGeneral Bugpublic2015-07-22 06:41
Reportersteev Assigned Torhertzog  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version2.0 
Fixed in Version2.0 
Summary0002398: Switch to xorg 1.17 in sana

After a frustrating amount of time, it turns out, after the 0.9.0 release of the modesetting video driver, they added 1 patch to disable rotation in the modesetting driver -

I've opened a bug in Debian for jessie so they fix it there as well, but I don't believe we pull from Jessie anymore except for security fixes.

So we should consider switching to xorg 1.17 in sana so that we have proper support of rotation on recent ARM hardware.




2015-07-08 06:19

administrator   ~0003485

It looks like that we will try import xorg 1.17 in sana to fix this... at least steev want us to do this. So there's no point in fixing xf86-video-modesetting.



2015-07-08 06:38

manager   ~0003488

Just for the record, I'm steev :)



2015-07-08 09:15

administrator   ~0003491

Oops. :) So I have pushed xorg 1.17 to sana-proposed-updates. Please test it and report back! (Make sure you have the correct repository enabled and do a dist-upgrade)

I expect some problems:

  • fglrx-driver is not compatible with that version of xorg, not much we can do...
  • we must double check the situation with the nvidia drivers
  • with virt-manager which uses the QXL fake video card, I get a brown screen (when I switch the virtual hardware to cirrus it works). I'm currently investigating this one.


2015-07-13 12:08

administrator   ~0003507

The QXL issue has been fixed by keeping an older version of the QXL driver just recompiled for xorg 1.17 and has been fixed on the Debian side for the future in a better way.

For fglrx-driver, there's nothing to do and I will just ignore it.

For nvidia, I would like people with real nvidia hardware to try it out.



2015-07-22 06:41

administrator   ~0003555

The latest nvidia drivers have been imported too and I think everything else is fine. xorg has been moved from sana-proposed-updates to sana.

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