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0000245Kali Linux[All Projects] General Bugpublic2013-04-11 22:36
Reportermustu Assigned Todookie  
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Summary0000245: Screen Lock Doesn't Work
DescriptionWhen I try to lock screen using Ctrl+Alt+L or using the Gnome menu it doesn't lock the screen. Upon pressing Ctrl+Alt+L screen goes blank but on pressing any key it returns to desktop and doesn't show the lock screen.
Steps To ReproducePress Ctrl+Alt+L



2013-04-05 19:10

reporter   ~0000331

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It's running on HP ProBook 4530s and I'm using the root user.


2013-04-05 19:36

reporter   ~0000332

I've tried it in a standard user and it's working. However it doesn't work when root user is logged in.


2013-04-10 08:51

reporter   ~0000352

User system_crash wrote in the forum, that the root user is blocked in the source code of "gnome-screensaver". that might be useful for a normal debian-user but for kali, where everybody works as root that's no acceptable. If I leave my pentest-laptop for some hours in the data-center to perform a scan, it has to be locked.


2013-04-10 14:06

reporter   ~0000353

I've posted the solution on forum, hope it works fine for you too.


2013-04-10 17:34

administrator   ~0000354

This looks like an easy fix and it's worth forking the Debian package to get it working.


2013-04-10 17:43

reporter   ~0000355

Should I upload it or?


2013-04-10 17:45

administrator   ~0000356

I will fork it and fixed in on our end hopefully at some time today.



2013-04-10 17:57

reporter   ~0000357

Alright, no problem.


2013-04-11 22:36

administrator   ~0000359

Patched in gnome-screensaver_3.4.1-1kali0. It should be in the repos soon.


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