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0000269Kali LinuxQueued Tool Additionpublic2021-05-18 11:02
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Fixed in Version1.0.6 
Summary0000269: cookie cadger

Tool request for cookie cadger in future or current edition of Kali.




2013-04-14 22:58

reporter   ~0000368

Cookie Cadger helps identify information leakage from applications that utilize insecure HTTP GET requests.

Web providers have started stepping up to the plate since Firesheep was released in 2010. Today, most major websites can provide SSL/TLS during all transactions, preventing cookie data from leaking over wired Ethernet or insecure Wi-Fi. But the fact remains that Firesheep was more of a toy than a tool. Cookie Cadger is the first open-source pen-testing tool ever made for intercepting and replaying specific insecure HTTP GET requests into a browser.

Cookie Cadger’s Request Enumeration Abilities

Cookie Cadger is a graphical utility which harnesses the power of the Wireshark suite and Java to provide a fully cross-platform, entirely open-source utility which can monitor wired Ethernet, insecure Wi-Fi, or load a packet capture file for offline analysis. To see CookieCadger in action see this youtube video from derbycon

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2013-04-15 23:37

reporter   ~0000379

Last edited: 2013-04-15 23:40

Hello, I am Cookie Cadger's developer. Found this feature request on accident, but I do very much support it.

Cookie Cadger runs on Kali out-of-the-box, as it only requires Java and Wireshark. The entire application can be housed in a single JAR file.

Cookie Cadger is licensed under the FreeBSD license, and I do hope that it is considered for inclusion in Kali. Please contact me ([email protected]) if you have any questions or have a way in which I can help.


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2013-10-03 19:12

reporter   ~0000938

Nice tool. Added in cookie-cadger_1.06-1kali0.

Thanks for the suggestion.

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