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0002998Kali Linux[All Projects] General Bugpublic2017-08-30 08:33
Reporterdomdorn Assigned Torhertzog  
Status closedResolutionwon't fix 
Product Version2.0 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0002998: Live-CD / USB Hangs on MacBook Pro Retina 2015 - GRUB graphical issue - fix included
DescriptionI have a MacBook Pro 2015 Retina.

I downloaded Kali 2.0 and created a bootable USB.

I've read through the stuff at

The Bootloader hangs in 90% of the time. I found out, that this is an issue with the Grub graphical configuration.

After I changed the /EFI/BOOT/stdmenu.cfg and disabled all the graphical adjustments, I could reproducible get the boot loader to work.

I attached the "fixed" file to this bug report.



2016-01-17 23:07


stdmenu.cfg (604 bytes)


2016-01-18 13:28

administrator   ~0004514

Just to clarify, you're speaking of booting on the ISO after having copied it on an USB key... and you refer to the Syslinux bootloader where you decide whether you boot in live mode or you install a new Kali system. Is that correct?

I seek clarifications because you mention grub but at the same time you modify stdmenu.cfg which is a syslinux file.


2016-01-18 13:31

administrator   ~0004515

Also can you let me know if you have the same problem with this ISO image:

Thank you.


2016-01-18 15:16

reporter   ~0004519

@rhertzog: yes, i've downloaded the iso and created a bootable usb stick out of it. yes its syslinux .. my mind was stuck with it being grub.. sorry for the confusion.

So to clarify: "the Syslinux bootloader hangs / does not respond to input when booting a macbook pro mid 2015 retina with the supplied graphical configuration as in the 2.0 release. after removing the nice graphic tweaks in EFI/BOOT/stdmenu.cfg, the syslinux bootloader is responsive to user input and allows to choose a boot option and execute this option."

I will try with the new iso tonight.


2016-01-18 19:09

reporter   ~0004520

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i cannot open this iso on my mac nor boot from it. in comparison to the other iso (the one including the live distribution), this one does not have a second partition with the EFI files on it.

btw. checksums would be great.. I have this sha1:
d116bc36437dedbd4b2c0b75d87d8acfc7f3e64d kali-linux-light-rolling-amd64.iso


2016-01-19 14:51

administrator   ~0004521

Gah, that was an unexpected regression. Thanks for letting us know. Can you check again tomorrow with the new ISO that will be available then? TIA. (Today's image has the same problem)


2016-01-19 16:48

reporter   ~0004522

Ok I check the latest file with server timestamp >~ 20-Jan-2016 04:00


2016-01-19 16:49

reporter   ~0004523

btw. it would really be nice if kali could make the cd like ubuntu, where everything is in one partition and I could - at least on the usb stick - change everything. That way I could also add additional firmware easily to the firmware folder


2016-01-20 15:48

reporter   ~0004528

I've tried
kali-linux-light-rolling-amd64.iso and kali-linux-next-amd64.iso
both don't contain a "mountable file system."


2016-02-05 14:08

administrator   ~0004664

Did you try to the 2016.1 ISO that we released recently?


2016-02-05 17:38

reporter   ~0004665

I just tried with the 2016.1 full iso ( kali-linux-2016.1-amd64 )

- I was able to create a bootable usb-stick
- when trying to boot the stick, the screen stayed black
- i then changed EFI/BOOT/stdmenu.cfg
 + I commented out the follwing lines
#menu background splash.png <-- this is probably the most important one
#menu vshift 10
#menu hshift 4
#menu width 70
#menu margin 5
#menu rows 10
#menu helpmsgrow

After saving the file and rebooting to the stick, I could see the boot menu (just with grey background and white text, but at least it was usable) and selected the live version.

I was able to boot kali live, I was able to join a wifi and use the system.

Unfortunately I was not able to put my wifi adapter into monitoring mode ( I wanted to play with airmon-ng ) ... not sure if I would need a special firmware for my adapter to be usable for this.

So to summarize: After changing the stdmenu.cfg file, I can boot into the live version of kali / use the boot menu as expected.

I think the problem with the splash image has something to do with the retina display of the mac, but thats just a guess.


2016-03-16 12:01

reporter   ~0004857

Hello, i have a problem when i try to boot, i install refind , but dose't work, when i try to boot say "No system" bootable or something like that , black screen try to boot but nothing, press any key to continue, but nothing happen,i have Macbook Pro 2009, please help me thank you


2016-03-18 02:37

reporter   ~0004982

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 - where i can send you some picture please.
i need help, i make usb bootable same way like domdorn
 -i pass the black screen by chose graphical install ,
-i already install refind ,
- i make a partition after complete install , i try to boot the sytem, nothing happen it say " operating system not found "
-i can see partition in disk utility byt i can't mount
I have macbook pro 2009 early
thank you!
P.S i try both system normal and light same problem, i can't acces the system even live, ....


2017-08-30 08:33

administrator   ~0007196

At this point, I think it's unlikely we will be able to deal further with this request. So I'm closing the ticket. Hardware support issues are difficult to deal.

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