2018-04-26 11:06 UTC

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0003052Kali Linux[All Projects] Tool Upgradepublic2017-04-07 11:54
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Product Versionkali-dev 
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Summary0003052: New version of Bully
DescriptionI have produced a new, updated version of bully to incorporate pixiewps.
This is a stable version.
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rhertzog (administrator)

Stable versions are best sanctioned with a proper version number and a corresponding github tag/release. Can you do this?

Are you officially taking over bully as upstream maintainer? Because the last version we packaged had a notice that it was just an unmaintained copy of the original version which had been taken off the network.


aanarchyy (reporter)

Yes I can do this, and already have. Updated to release version 1.1

And also, I am willing to adopt and maintain this project seeing as the original creator has abandoned the project.


sbrun (manager)

new version 1.1 is now in kali-dev

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