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0003065Kali Linux[All Projects] Kali Package Bugpublic2016-07-28 21:14
ReporterrodgermooreAssigned Tosbrun 
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version2016.1 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0003065: Xplico not working in USB persistence mode after installation
DescriptionKali 2016.1 USB persistence mode
After installing Xplico (1.1.2) running apt-get install xplico, both cli and webgui are not functioning. Uploading a pcap file using the webgui makes xplico going into an infinite processing loop. Using cli, parsing a pcap immediatly stops Xplico. Logfile in /opt/xplico/tmp shows the following error:

19:44:35 [CORE]{c}-ERROR: Can't load module /opt/xplico/bin/modules/ undefined symbol: ndpi_protocol2name
19:44:35 [CORE]{c}-FATAL: Load modules failed

I also posted this problem on Xplico forum Now I think this is Kali related because the Kali repo seems to have an error in how Xplico is installed and dynamic linking is setup.

Furthermore this seems important info from the developer of Xplico: The original source code of Xplico uses nDPi statically. This is why nDPi must be compiled before Xplico and its source code must be in the same level (parent dir) of Xplico. the modules (dissectors) which use nDPI are:

    tcp_ca (added on xplico 1.1.2)
    udp_ca (added on xplico 1.1.2)

If you are using a modified version of Xplico where the nDPI is linked dynamically to Xplico try to see where the nDPi has been installed in your distro, for example seeing where xplico links the nDPi library.
Steps To Reproduce01 - Run Kali USB persistence mode.
02 - apt-get install xplico
03 - To run webgui
03 A service apache2 restart
03 B run /opt/xplico/script/
03 C goto http://localhost:9876
03 D login using xplico xplico
03 E create a new case and a new session
03 F upload a pcap file (not too big for testing, 10 megs is fine)
03 G open top or htop and filter xplico (F4 key) notice respawning processes
03 H kill xplico (infinite loop)
03 I finished
04 A To run cli mode
04 B cd /opt/xplico/bin
04 C run xplico to a pcap example: ./xplico -m pcap ~/Documents/test.pcap
04 D notice it finishes immediately
04 E check log: cat /opt/xplico/bin/tmp/xplico_DATESTAMP.log
04 F notice last 2 lines:
[CORE]{c}-ERROR: Can't load module /opt/xplico/bin/modules/ undefined symbol: ndpi_protocol2name
[CORE]{c}-FATAL: Load modules failed
04 G finished



2016-03-23 13:34

manager   ~0005011

this issue is now fixed with the new version of libndpi 1.7.1~git20151130.6f3d5a7-1. Some symbols were missing in the previous version in kali.
But I have an other error
"Manipulator webymsg error
Dispatch to manipulator initialization error"


2016-07-12 21:05

administrator   ~0005538

rodgermoore, does the latest xplico works fine for you now?


2016-07-28 21:14

administrator   ~0005613

Closing ticket since reporter did not respond.

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