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0003980Kali LinuxKali Package Bugpublic2020-12-01 10:48
ReporterRapt0r Assigned Tosbrun  
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Summary0003980: King-phisher advancedhttpserver error

I updated to the latest kali linux 2017.1 and now when i try and run the king-phisher tool i get and error despite the tool being installed.

root@Rapt0r:/usr/share/king-phisher# ./KingPhisherServer server_config.yml
[-] the following package requirements are missing or incompatible:
[-] - advancedhttpserver
[-] please install the missing requirements with pip

root@Rapt0r:/usr/share/king-phisher# pip install advancedhttpserver
Requirement already satisfied: advancedhttpserver in /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages

Since advancedhttpserver is clearly installed, does that mean that it is now incompatible with king-phisher and is king-phisher tool now unusable?

Steps To Reproduce

Anytime i try and run the tool




2017-04-28 19:10

reporter   ~0006607

Confirmed here too.. there are also some other missing lib/deps, found them with "pip check" and the "beautifulsoup4" for wafw00f is also having a struggle.



2017-04-28 19:17

reporter   ~0006608

Well, after digging some more it seems like the tools is some revisions behind.. It is outdated. v1.4.0 is in Kali repos, but v1.7.1 is available from official maintainer.

King-Phisher should get updated in Kali repos to fix old supported libs. There are lots of changes between the revision jump there, just take a look @



2017-04-30 01:59

reporter   ~0006617

  • A reminder must be noticed: when fixing the "advancedhttpserver" issue by installing it, there will be trouble for apache or port 80 causing other p80 port tools not to bind on it.


2017-05-04 13:35

manager   ~0006635

fixed in new version 1.7.1-0kali1 of king-phisher

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