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0004096Kali Linux[All Projects] Kali Package Bugpublic2017-07-12 19:15
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Product Version2017.1 
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Summary0004096: Drivers iwlwifi-7265D-26.ucode and others not found during installation process
DescriptionI am trying to install kali Linux 64 bit 2017.1 in an ASUS Laptop model N552VX-FI322T. When it starts detecting hardware the process stops and says:
iwlwifi-7265D-26.ucode, iwlwifi-7265D-24.ucode, iwlwifi-7265D-23.ucode, iwlwifi-7265D-22.ucode, iwlwifi-7265D-21.ucode, iwlwifi-7265D-20.ucode NOT FOUND. If I ignore the message and continue the installation, then the Wifi card is not recognized and the operating system never boots (it gives the same error when booting before the login process).
I downloaded the ISO file from the oficial website and then generated the bootable memory stick with the application Win32 Disk Immager
Steps To ReproduceI tried to install the system several times and always the same error. i tried to locate these files but I could only find a few of them.
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