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0004816Kali Linux[All Projects] Kali Package Bugpublic2018-07-07 00:51
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Summary0004816: Workspaces to dock will "shake" when autohide is disabled
DescriptionNoticed after bug 4794 was corrected, there seems to be an issue where the workspaces to doc display will "shake". This can be seen at

Steps To ReproduceTo reproduce this, some specific settings need to be in place. Tweaks, extensions, workspaces to dock enabled. Settings for workspaces for dock, behavior, turn off autohiding. At that point, the shake will start. If autohiding is turned back on, the shake will stop.

This has been reproduced in VMware as well as bare metal install.
Additional InformationWhile this occurs, CPU usage seems to go to 100% for gnome-shell, and stay there. UI becomes very sporadic and unresponsive.

Once workspaces to dock is turned off, CPU usage returns to normal.



2018-06-22 23:58

administrator   ~0009299

Overall, this seems like an issue that will not impact many users, due to the fact it is only manifesting itself under specific non-standard configurations. However, due to the odd issues related to the previously mentioned bug its best to capture this incase the issue arrises in other circumstances.


2018-06-23 07:57

administrator   ~0009302

It would be nice to see if the issue is fixed with the git version of the extension.

You can do that by extracting the "" directory of into ~/.local/share/gnome-shell/extensions/ and restarting the shell (ALT+F2 followed by "r", or just logging out and back in).


2018-06-25 15:44

administrator   ~0009313

Yes, after unzipping the file into ~/.local/share/gnome-shell/extensions/ we get the exact same behavior with both the shake and the high CPU usage.


2018-06-26 09:32

administrator   ~0009317

Then we should report this bug to the upstream developer:


2018-07-07 00:51

administrator   ~0009347

This issue is no longer reproducible. It is assumed that some of the recent gnome changes may have corrected it.

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