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0004838Kali Linux[All Projects] General Bugpublic2018-07-07 00:32
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Product Version2018.2 
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Summary0004838: Crunch Man Page Innaccuracy
DescriptionHello – just learning crunch but stumbling upon something that I believe is either an error in wording or a bug. In the crunch man page, example 11 shows:
Example 11
       crunch 3 3 abc + 123 !@# -t @%^
       will generate a 3 character long word with a character as the first character,
and number as the second character, and a symbol for the third character. The order i
n which you specify the charac‐
       ters you want is important. You must specify the order as lower case character,
upper case character, number, and symbol. If you aren't going to use a particular cha
racter set you use a plus sign
       as a placeholder. As you can see I am not using the upper case character set so
I am using the plus sign placeholder. The above will start at a1! and end at c3#

However, I am finding the !@# portion is throwing the message “bash: !@#: event not found. I believe this has something to do with the ! character and it seems to reference prior commands but not sure. In any case the 11th example provided on the man page does not function as expected. Please let me know if you need any additional information or if I am misinterpreting something here. Thanks!

Joshua Christianson



2018-07-05 01:46


Crunch Example Error.PNG (84,711 bytes)
Crunch Example Error.PNG (84,711 bytes)


2018-07-07 00:32

administrator   ~0009346

Thank you for your interest in Kali but this bug report is not actionable.

Please read before taking further action.

This error is not unique to Kali, but part of the upstream package. As such, a bug report will need to be filed with in order to get it corrected.

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