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0005428Kali Linux[All Projects] Kali Websites & Docspublic2019-05-10 09:04
ReporterelreyAssigned Torhertzog 
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Product Version2019.1 
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Summary0005428: Kali Weekly SHA256SUMS out of date
Descriptioncurrently the SHA256SUMS for all the kali linux downloads are on W18 when they should be W19, but they aren't simply miss labeled. They are (I am guessing) a week behind, because I did a sha256sum on the current weeks iso and it calculated a completely different signature (as a hash algo should do if there is a difference).
Steps To Reproducecurl

and if you want to validate the current sha256sum

curl -sSL | sha256sum -

and the sha256sum I got was: 7ba84fca1293278575754164f079e78adba340692402c9cf4c00715a8034cc20



2019-05-07 20:16


2019-05-07-16:13:46_1006x227.png (281,374 bytes)


2019-05-08 08:35

administrator   ~0010571

I don't see the problem here.

$ curl -s | grep kali-linux-2019-W19-amd64.iso
7ba84fca1293278575754164f079e78adba340692402c9cf4c00715a8034cc20 kali-linux-2019-W19-amd64.iso

But this is behind the cloudflare CDN so it really depends on where you are. I will review the expiration settings of that file.


2019-05-08 13:03

reporter   ~0010572

It is fixed today, and I don't know when it was over written. As you can see from the screenshot though yesterday it was still w18. So maybe it is the expiration setting, or something that is slow to invalid the previous week existing.


2019-05-10 09:04

administrator   ~0010576

I double checked and the checksums files are supposed to expire after one hour. So the period where the file might have been stale should not be longer than that.

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